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Embark on a mission to unite over 100 million giants across the globe. Whether you're a coach, therapist, educator, or a professional in the realm of human development, 12 Journeys™ welcomes you to a transformative journey. Our comprehensive framework is designed to guide individuals through self-awareness, empowerment, and legacy creation. Whether you join our My 12 Journeys community, become a Limitless Giant, or engage in our Partner Program, we are excited to lock arms with you. Together, we'll build a bridge to a world of giants, offering a path that aligns with every stage of your professional and personal growth.

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We offer three distinct membership tiers, each designed to cater to different stages of your professional journey:

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    • Fee: $10 per month- For only $10 per month, secure your exclusive, Membership to the My 12 Journeys™ Community! This extraordinary offer is subject to change in the future, so seize this opportunity now – don't miss out! Enjoy a 3-day free exploration.
    • Benefits: Exclusive content, innovative AI tools and more, emotional intelligence resources, and a supportive community.
    • Ideal For: Those beginning their journey towards personal mastery.
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    • Fee: $33/month or $333 Lifetime
    • Benefits: Includes all Community Membership benefits, plus weekly coaching, exclusive resources, and leadership opportunities.
    • Ideal For: Individuals seeking comprehensive transformation and a robust support system. You must be an SG graduate, must have attended one of our retreats or live trainings, or must be a 12 Journeys Partner to participate in this program.
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    • Fee: $1,500/year or $5,000 Lifetime
    • Benefits: Includes everything in the Limitless Giant and Community Memberships, plus partner-exclusive resources, advanced training, global networking, and specialized coaching support.
    • Ideal For: Professionals looking to expand their impact and build a thriving practice.

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12 Journeys™ Partner Program?

  • Comprehensive Support: Tailored training, a vast resource library, and essential tools for success.
  • Skill Enhancement: Advanced listening and coaching skills development.
  • Growth Opportunities: Continuous career progression.
  • Lucrative Referrals: Attractive referral program.
  • Continuous Learning: Access to a wealth of resources.
  • Effective Marketing Tools: Boost your visibility and reach.
  • Global Networking: Connect with professionals worldwide.
  • Certification: Gain recognition with our 12 Journeys™ certification.
  • Regular Webinars and Training: Stay informed and updated.
  • Skill Mastery: Specialize and excel in your niche.
  • Community Involvement: Engage with a community of like-minded professionals.
  • Scalable Business Strategies: Learn to grow your business effectively.
  • Technological Edge: Stay updated with AI and technological advancements.
  • Global Adaptability Training: Acquire skills for international effectiveness.

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My 12 Journeys™ Tributes

Highly recommended for anyone seeking meaningful and continual personal growth. 'The Giants Journey' is more than a book; it's a pathway to profound self-discovery.

"The Giants Journey, both as a book and a collective effort of the incredible people behind it, has been a monumental force of change in my life. The clarity and utility of their work are only matched by its profound depth. Each interaction with the material or the people involved unveils new layers of insight.

No matter how often I return to 'The Giants Journey', it never ceases to amaze me. Every reading, every conversation, every reflection brings forth something new and profound. It's a testament to the richness and complexity of the content and the dedication of the people behind this transformative work.

Their approach to personal growth and understanding is not just effective but also deeply meaningful. It's rare to find a resource that continues to provide value and revelation with each revisit."

Matt Evans

Highly recommended for its profound insights and transformative impact.


"I fell in love with the book both for the story and the illustrations. During an extremely busy period in my life, my first conversation with Nick was a beacon of energy and warmth. This initial interaction sparked a deep curiosity within me about the work he and Ryan were developing.

Even with a hectic schedule, I made it a point to catch up with them on Sunday mornings, whenever possible. The true magic, however, unfolded during a book reading session narrated by Nick. His insightful and soulful approach to each journey's concepts was truly captivating. He conveyed these ideas in a warm, conversational manner that deeply resonated with me.

That hour of movement and understanding profoundly impacted me, offering clarity and perspective on several aspects of my life I had been pondering.

Driven by this experience, I eagerly contacted Laura to inquire about the next reading session. Fortunately, I was able to attend a recent session facilitated by Laura, which was an enriching experience.

As an organizational consultant with years of experience in facilitating change and coaching leaders across various levels, I see immense value in 'The Giant' story. Its relevance and applicability to individuals, leaders, and teams are remarkable. I am keen on integrating this story into my coaching sessions to aid people in navigating the personal aspects of organizational changes.

In conclusion, the journeys depicted in the story offer a powerful means for individuals to understand their position on their life path. The narrative has a unique ability to normalize and shed light on the various growth stages individuals encounter."

Cheryl Martin

Thank you for the journeys, the growth, and the community of Giants. Here's to creating a world brimming with greatness and kindness.

"My journey with 'The Giants' has been nothing short of extraordinary, impacting my life in numerous direct and indirect ways. The opportunity to meet some of these Giants in person has led to incredible conversations, fostered by the connections formed through the book, its underlying work, and the inspiring journeys it depicts. These encounters have been part of a grand adventure, filled with meaningful experiences and insights.

Hosting a book reading with Nicholas T. Smith was a remarkable experience, one that I believe sparked the creation of new Giants. The act of gifting and receiving the book – a gesture I had the honor of experiencing from Steve Hardison himself – has been life-changing, both for me and others. The book's profound insights continue to touch lives in significant ways.

I make it a point to tune into Giants TV, featuring Nick and Ryan Morris, whenever possible. Each episode is a source of upliftment, leading me to greater people, places, insights, and learnings. Their discussions are a beacon of inspiration and knowledge.

The most memorable moment, however, was when Nick called me while traveling across states. He had read a comment I made on a post and sensed that he could offer help. That conversation made a profound difference in my life, a moment of kindness and understanding that I will always cherish."

Rebecca Shannon

An inspirational journey that transcends the pages of a book, guiding readers towards their path of greatness.


"What words could truly encapsulate the impact of 'The Giants'? My first encounter with 'The Giants and Smalls' book by Nicholas T. Smith was a fortuitous one. Initially unavailable in the UK, I learned about it from a friend who had received it for her triplets. Curious, I found the book on Kindle and was immediately engrossed.

At first glance, it seemed a simple children's tale. Yet, by the end, I was reaching out to my friend, astonished by its depth. This book isn't just a story; it's a profound journey towards personal greatness and growth, offering one of the most straightforward guides to achieving greatness.

Compelled by its message, I contacted Nick and arranged for 20 copies to be shipped to the UK. I wanted to share this profound book with my clients, spreading its powerful message across the country.

My interactions with Nick evolved into personal guidance through his '12 Journeys' program, an extension of the book that explores the nuances of growth and change more deeply.

In 2022, a year after my first reading, I traveled to the States to meet Nick and Ryan in person. Meeting these two incredible individuals, the 'Giants' themselves, was a moment of pure joy. The warmth of their embrace, the depth of their talent, and the transformative magic in their collaboration are unparalleled.

To Nick and Ryan: I love you guys. You are truly exceptional guides on the path to greatness.

Love and Blessings, 🙏💕"

Fiona Ross

Deeply grateful for this life-altering experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the Sum Gigante 12 Journeys program to anyone seeking meaningful personal growth.


"In the nurturing embrace of the Sum Gigante 12 Journeys program, I experienced a profound metamorphosis. Like a seed germinating into a towering giant, each phase of the program shed light on my path, catalyzing a transformative change in my life.

The program's guidance helped me recognize and embrace my limitations. Rather than viewing them as obstacles, I learned to work with and accept these limits as essential components of my growth. This realization was akin to weaving together various threads to create a beautiful tapestry, each thread representing a different aspect of my development.

This journey with the Sum Gigante program has been a revelation, allowing me to flourish and reach heights I never thought possible."

Laura Lunt

A heartfelt thank you for unlocking the doors to my potential and helping me see the Giant within

"For so long, I hesitated to embrace my giant dreams. I was held back by my own judgments and the fear of others' opinions, worrying that my aspirations might be perceived as too small, too unusual, or too presumptuous. But learning to articulate my vision and understand my 'why' has been a game-changer. It has revealed the Giant potential within me!

The act of verbalizing the thoughts and images that were previously just floating in my mind has been incredibly powerful. Putting words to my vision has not only given it clarity but also legitimacy. This process has opened doors to new possibilities and pathways I hadn't dared to consider before.

I am deeply grateful for this newfound ability to see and express the Giant that I am capable of becoming. It's more than just understanding my dreams; it's about giving them a voice and a space to grow.

Thank you so much for guiding me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment!"

Kelsey Brown